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Identifying the need for a dedicated entity for the incubation, IIM Sambalpur I-Hub foundation was registered as a section 8 company in November 2023. As step towards contributing to the startup culture, the ihub incubator was inaugurated on the 1st of March 2024 by Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan, the Cabinet Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the Government of India.

I-Hub foundation will operate as a physical and virtual incubator while networking with the various trenches of the entrepreneurial eco-system. The incubator will focus on idea that not only generate wealth but will be a social benefactor.

The following will be the activities of the I-Hub Incubator to achieve the set objectives:

Nucleation of new innovative ideas by creating the environment and opportunities for know- how providers, entrepreneurs and financiers to meet each other and form business teams

Nurturing businesses in their start-up phase by offering not only space but also access to technology support, business mentoring, networks, scientific and information resources, and a generally conducive and supportive environment

Promoting and running an active programme for identification, creation, acceleration and translation (into practice) of innovative ideas suitable for new venture creation

IIM Sambalpur as a Host Institution

IIM Sambalpur has been identified as host institution (HI), as part of the MSME’s incubation scheme. The HI is tasked with the responsibility of exploring new and innovative ideas that can be converted to successful business models from various sectors and identify incubatees. The incubation centre at IIM Sambalpur is set up with this objective of promoting entrepreneurship and starts-ups in the country.

Mission :

To identify, nurture, and scale impactful social ventures by cultivating a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Vision :

To inspire a wave of social innovation that transcends borders, uniting diverse communities to address shared humanity's challenges.

Application Process


We serve small and medium sized startups in manufacturing and service industries with high quality growth services which are presented below


Our team of faculties and partners will help your startup to lay foundation and scaleup

Business support services

Consultation on Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, IT and Strategy


Access to network with a wide range of industry experts, Government officials and entrepreneurs

Education/Access to knowledge

Access to business school programs and tailored workshops for enabling startups


Funding will be fecilitated through our partners based on the available policies


Incubatees with permission can brand as “IIM Sambalpur Incubated Company”


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I-Hub Inaugration
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Incubating Startups


Meet our team of specialized marketers and business developers who will help you research new products and launch them in new emerging markets

Prof. Diwahar S Nadar


Sanjay Sharma


Prof. Sumita Sindhi


Prof. Ishika Jaiswal


Prof. Bhairab C Patra


Amrut P Mohanty


Swagatika Padhi


Swatgatika Mahapatra


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